One of the main goals of the American Alliance for Healthy Sleep (AAHS) is to provide a platform for advocacy on issues of importance to the sleep community. To affect change in policy and regulations affecting the lives of sleep patients, the entire sleep community must be involved and form a unified voice to fight for the betterment of patients. The AAHS also looks to the nation as a whole to increase awareness and advocacy for healthy sleep issues that affect every citizen.


   Sleep Initiatives: Find information on current initiatives of the AAHS, including increasing access to care for sleep
    patients and increased funding for sleep research.

Current Legislation: Search for current state and federal legislation related to AAHS initiatives in your state or area of interest.

Take Action: Find legislator information and resources to assist you in participating in AAHS advocacy activities.

      Access to Care: Participate in the Access to Information...Access to Care awareness campaign

If there is an advocacy issue or topic that you feel the AAHS should address, please contact