Sleep Disorders Patient Video

As part of the AAHS Access to Information...Access to Care awareness campaign, the AAHS will be creating an awareness video titled "I have a sleep disorder" with the help of you and other individuals living with a sleep disorder.  The purpose of this video is to demonstrate the wide spectrum of individuals affected by sleep disorders as well as the varied symptoms associated with sleep disorders to encourage others to seek care for outstanding sleep issues.

The AAHS is asking members with a sleep disorder to submit a short (30 seconds or less) video detailing the symptoms you face as well as the statement "I have a sleep disorder.".  We ask that you share only symptoms/details/information you are comfortable with as any content provided may be used in  AAHS content and messaging that will be available to view by the public.  The submitted videos will then be edited into one awareness video that will be shared on AAHS social media as well as be released to media outlets as part of the Access to Information...Access to Care campaign. The video will be shared with participants prior to release.

Video Requirements:
  • 30 seconds or less
  • Must be an original video not previously used in other public projects, campaigns, etc.
  • Do not include music or other sound effects in the video
  • No logos, trademarks or other copyrighted images/material should be visible in the video
  • Do not include your name or any other identifying information in the video
  • Can be in any format (i.e. phone videos are acceptable)
  • A signed copy of the AAHS video disclosure form must accompany the submission of your video; if a signed disclosure is not submitted, your video will not be included in the final awareness video.

All videos must be submitted to by October 10, 2018 for inclusion in the campaign. Any questions or concerns can be directed to the above email address.