Why should I become a member

Why should you join the AAHS?
What if healthcare providers really understood the personal challenges experienced by their patients, and patients had a better understanding of those who provide their care? Until recently, collaboration between these two groups rarely occurred.  Healthcare providers collaborate with other providers through professional associations, and patients support each other through separate organizations specific to their condition.  Recognizing the collective wisdom of both groups and the advantage of bringing them together, the American Academy of Sleep Medicine founded the American Alliance for Healthy Sleep (AAHS) to serve as an avenue for addressing issues of mutual importance in the sleep community.  

The AAHS is now in a unique position to remove barriers to collaboration and enhance understanding across the spectrum of sleep disorders.  You’re invited to join this new consortium and become one of our charter members. With your help, we’ll be providing a strong, united front for the millions of individuals affected by sleep disorders and those risking unhealthy sleep habits.

Should you have questions or desire additional information, please contact the AAHS at membership@sleepallies.org or (888) 787-2247.

We look forward to hearing from you and sharing this exciting journey with you.

Patti Van Landingham, Chair
American Alliance for Healthy Sleep