About the American Alliance for Healthy Sleep
The American Alliance for Healthy Sleep (AAHS) is a 501(c)4 membership organization dedicated to partnering patients with sleep disorders, providers and the public to improve the lives of patients with sleep disorders and highlight the importance of healthy sleep.

The AAHS was established in early 2017 by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine to provide an arena for increased involvement in awareness and advocacy activities for patients with all sleep disorders. The AAHS opened membership to patients with sleep disorders, sleep providers, and others with an interest in sleep in January 2018. 

AAHS Vision
Improving the lives of patients with all sleep disorders

AAHS Mission
To partner patients and providers to 1) Engage policymakers and the public to enhance understanding of and care for all sleep disorders, 2) provide support services for patients with sleep disorders, and 3) promote healthy sleep in all populations


The AAHS Board of Directors is the policy making body of the AAHS and includes the chair, secretary/treasurer and three to six additional directors elected by the membership.

The current Bylaws of the AAHS were approved by the AAHS Board of Directors in September 2017.


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