Patient Mentor Program

The AAHS Patient Mentor Program partners individuals newly diagnosed with a sleep disorder with patients who have experience managing their sleep disorder long-term.  The program allows new patients to receive support and encouragement from others who have had similar experiences and can provide support, direction, and resources that will help to improve the lives of newly diagnosed patients. 

Mentees should have a desire to improve their life through long-term management of their sleep disorder, as well as be diagnosed with a sleep disorder in the last two years. 

Mentors should have a desire and are available to help other patients with sleep disorders manage their disorders, as well as:
  • Be diagnosed with a sleep disorder(s) at least two years ago
  • Be currently treating their disorder with an evidence-based treatment

The AAHS Patient Mentor Program - Program Guide provides full details on eligibility to participate as well as the participation process. The AAHS invites all patients to participate in this program, either as mentors or mentees.  To participate in this program, you must be a member of the AAHS; however, the AAHS is currently offering a free two-year AAHS membership to anyone who is not currently a member who applies and is approved to participate in the program. 

To participate in the program, complete the AAHS Patient Mentor Program Application.  All participants must complete a Mentor Participation Agreement or Mentee Participation Agreement with their application. 

Prospective mentors and mentees should review the AAHS Patient Mentor Program - Training Guide, which provides valuable information on working with your mentorship partner to ensure a successful partnership.  It is not required to follow this guide; this is provided solely as a resource for mentors and mentees.  Additional resources are available in your member account. 

Contact with any questions regarding the AAHS Patient Mentor Program.