Racism and Discrimination

June 20, 2020

Over the past few weeks, we have witnessed terrible events demonstrating that racism and discrimination continue to thrive in our communities.  Black lives matter, and the American Alliance for Healthy Sleep denounces racism and discrimination. We recognize the injustices and inequalities that Black Americans have and continue to face affecting all aspects of life, including justice, economically, educationally, and in health and health care.  

The American Alliance for Healthy Sleep is committed to improving the lives of all patients with sleep disorders; as an organization made up of sleep patients, health care providers, and others in the sleep community, we recognize the health disparities that exist within the United States for minority communities and acknowledge that as a group we must continue to push towards a future where Black Americans are not unfairly burdened by disease and have access to quality, affordable health care, specifically in relation to sleep disorders.


David Bishop

AAHS Chair of the Board

On Behalf of the AAHS Board of Directors