Take Action!

The AAHS member forum provides members the opportunity to interact with each other and discuss issues of importance to the community.

Visit us on Facebook or Twitter to interact with the AAHS and other members on social media. Encourage others to join the conversation by using #BeASleepAlly on Twitter and Facebook.
You can also contact the AAHS regarding issues of importance that you would like to see the AAHS address in the future. Please contact advocacy@sleepallies.org with any comments regarding current and future AAHS advocacy initiatives.

Participate in Advocacy Initiatives
Currently, the AAHS is focused on improving access to care and sleep research; however, the AAHS will also soon have additional resources for members to become involved in addressing other advocacy topics as well, such as drowsy driving.

Contacting your congress people, supporting a local initiative or signing a petition are just a few ways to get involved in AAHS advocacy initiatives. Locate your federal or state legislators.
Advocate for Increased Access to Care by:  

Sending your legislators a letter or email to voice your support for Increased Access to Health Care Providers.
Additional template letters addressing other access to care topics, including prescription costs, telemdicine and others, are available to AAHS members in the File Archive within the Member Area.

Advocate for increased funding and opportunities for sleep research by:
Sending your legislators a letter or email to voice your support for increased National Institutes of Health research funding or contacting the AAHS regarding your personal research needs to inform the organization’s future specific sleep research goals.

These template letters are provided as a template for you to contact your legislators; however, the AAHS encourages you to personalize your letters in order to address your specific concerns or situation and increase the visibility of your letter or email with your legislators.

Review the AAHS Advocacy Toolkit
The AAHS Advocacy toolkit provides more detailed information on how to get involved in AAHS advocacy activities and is available to AAHS members only in the File Archive within the Member Area.

If you have any questions regarding legislation or advocacy activities, please contact advocacy@sleepallies.org.