During the current COVID-19 pandemic, it may be difficult to see your medical providers in their office as you normally would, but you may have the option to see them via telemedicine -- through an audio/visual virtual visit. If you've never used telemedicine before, it may seem like a daunting concept; however, using telemedicine to see your providers is usually a very easy process - as simple as connecting via your computer or smartphone - and allows you to see your provider without having to go to their physical location and risking unnecessary public interaction.

The resources below provide information on telemedicine to help you navigate the healthcare landscape during the current COVID-19 crisis; these resources specifically address the use of telemedicine right now, as many rules regarding the use of telemedicine have temporarily changed. 

For an overview of what telemedicine is, what you need to use it and frequently asked questions about telemedicine, access our AAHS COVID-19 Patient Telemedicine Guide. See below for a video highlighting the use of telemedicine. 

For specific information related to insurance coverage for telemedicine, see our AAHS COVID-19 State Telemedicine Resource, which details actions states have taken to ensure insurance coverage for telemedicine services, including both private insurers and Medicaid.